Thursday, November 21, 2013

Cravings and Kickboxing

Hi, this is Instructor Laura Brownlee, and as I searched the internet trying to figure out why in the world I “craved” certain foods all the time, what I found made a ton of sense, even a few things left me with a “why didn’t I think of that” moment.

If you are craving sugar or sweets- the culprit could be a few things, you are not getting enough sleep is the first. The other is you are consuming too many sugars in your diet and it is causing your blood sugar to spike up and down.
 When you are sleep deprived, your stress level increases, which make your blood sugar, fluctuate. This is what causes the craving or the stimulation your body is looking for, grab a nap instead or make sure to get the recommended 8 hours every night.
If you are craving salt- the culprit is likely stress or in rare cases an adrenal gland issue. What your body actually needs is magnesium, calcium, zinc and iodine. Try eating almonds, quinoa, spinach, yogurt or shellfish instead.
If you are craving chocolate (Ladies)- your body is lacking magnesium, try the foods listed above for this as well.
The most interesting thing I found and one of the moments that had me saying “why didn’t I think of that”, was that our emotions play a huge role in our food cravings, especially when you previously have not had a healthy relationship with food.
If you’ve had a bad day for example, you “treat” yourself to some ice cream, French Fries or a piece of cake.  This makes you feel happy, only for moment though, but happy none the less. That is the memory that is stored in your brain; it is up to you to retrain your brain from these unhealthy thoughts to healthier ones.
Remind yourself of your fitness goals or grab a buddy and invite them to kickboxing class.   Another thing you can do is make a mental image of how you want your body to look – maybe find a picture of how you want to look and carry it with you; this will remind you what you are working toward!
You only get one body and one life, take care of them!
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