Thursday, June 19, 2014

How Children with ADD/ADHD Can Benefit From Studying Martial Arts

Writing Contributor: Christie McGowan
Student at Choe's HapKiDo of Loganville
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If you are a parent of a child with ADD, martial arts may be a new and fun after school program. Such as one like Choe’s HapKiDo in Loganville, the child will be entering an art where respect is one of the most emphasized concepts. In addition, the child will have the opportunity to work alongside other kids who are also training at their own pace. This social and physical activity will also benefit the child’s mental health as interpersonal skills naturally develop when studying martial arts.

As the child will see others messing up on a kick or roll, he/she will learn that it’s okay to also make mistakes. It becomes a valued lesson to learn to shrug off something that could be taken as negative.

Whether it is kicking a target, or a spot on the mat to prep for a somersault, the child’s attention is required to at least one object. In fact, any opportunity to practice concentration skills will payoff in the long run.

An endless cycle of “Yes, sir!” or “Yes, ma’am!” fills the karate studio. Everyone is addressed this way, and sometimes reminded if forgotten.

Not only will the child notice he/she getting faster and stronger at certain moves, the improvements and constant interactions with peers will boost self-esteem.

Confidence is the result of the child trying and not giving up. This attitude will encourage him/her to use this muscle with other tasks that school or otherwise may demand.

Students at Choe's HapKiDo Eagerly Wait to Take Their Belt Tests!

All of these skills the child, with or without an attention deficit, walks away with because he/she has found a safe and open environment to do so. If interested to see if your child would be interested in karate, any of Choe’s HapKiDo studios will arrange a free trial. For more information on Choe’s HapKiDo, visit  

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