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Christie's Karate Newbie Tip of the Week: Value Self

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Tip #4: Do not underestimate your self-worth.

My first few months of training with the Hap Ki Do instructors have flown by, and the atmosphere has stayed consistent up until last week.

As a result of the upcoming 2014 Summer Championship this Saturday (July 12th), the current vibes spreading throughout Choe’s Hap Ki Do of Loganville feel like the week of prom or a talent show. Especially when the last couple of weeks consisted of my new peers asking me if I am going to the tournament, training has become more serious. Also like prom, a talent show, or even a high school football game, participating in these events forces people to care more—if not as an audience member, then as a competitor.

I admittedly thought I was going to participate with the audience, take pictures, and find news to blog about, but now there is a twist. I still plan on playing writer, but now I am competing in board breaking.

The 2014 Summer Championship will consist of different events: black belt test demonstrations, board breaking, and sparring.

Because I am currently working on obtaining my first belt, I had automatically eliminated myself from competing. Who knew no-belts could compete in a board breaking tournament? I obviously did not, but cool Instructor John Gasstrom knew well and talked me into it. The day of signing up, I went to one of the last three remaining board breaking sessions this past Thursday (they have been going on at least since June). Although I took notice that the session was full of little tykes with belts of all colors, at the end of the day, I broke through my first 11 ½ in x 0.75 in x 8 in board. It was beyond fantastic!

With final touches of more practice, as the board breaking performance is also critiqued on presentation and speech to the assigned instructor, I will feel more than ready.


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