Monday, July 21, 2014

How Martial Arts Has Positively Affected My Life - By Assistant Instructor Luca

Martial Arts has had incredible impact on my life over the past decade. Having grown up with the inability to sit still or concentrate for several minutes, it has taught me self-control and the ability to focus through extensive training and emphasis on disciplinary action. Hap Ki Do has been an outlet for anger, stress, and other overwhelming emotions. Taking Hap Ki Do at Choe’s Hap Ki Do in Loganville, GA has been rewarding.

As somebody who has positively been affected by Martial Arts, I can only hope to see others have as much joy and excitement as I have gotten over the years. Hap Ki Do isn’t just a simple hobby, but a lifestyle. There is always more to learn and improve upon your techniques. I enjoy it today as much as I enjoyed it ten years ago when I first started, and it never once lost its entertainment value.

It does not matter who you are. Martial Arts is for everybody. It is a great way to improve upon your life. You will get in better physical shape, be able to approach problems with a clear mind, and have an increase in energy and spirit. It will teach you how to be confident yet humbled, contented yet ambitious, and how to improve upon yourself. There is a lot that goes into Martial Arts which is what makes it one of the best decisions of my life, and hopefully yours as well.

Be sure to visit and sign up for your free trial lesson! Join us at Choe’s Hap Ki Do in Loganville, GA if you want some of the best life experiences from some of the best people! 

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